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DIN EN 81-76 draft published


The draft of DIN EN 81-76 has been published (Evacuation of persons with disabilities using lifts). The standard is harmonised under the Lifts Directive.

The draft EN 81-76:2022 was published by CEN in June 2022. It was implemented nationally as draft DIN EN 81-76:2022 with the August 2022 issue. Objections are possible up to 24 August 2022. The standard is to be harmonised under the EU Lift Directive 2014/33/EU.

More information: Three new draft standardsThe standard is a further development of the CEN/TS 81-76 specification into a standard. It specifies additional or deviating requirements to EN 81-20 for new passenger and goods passenger lifts. The paper refers to passenger lifts, which may be used to support faster evacuation of persons with difficulty in using stairs including in case of fire alarm.

This document does not apply to:
– lifts installed in buildings that do not meet the requirements of Annex C;
– lifts for evacuation due to other circumstances that involve other hazards, like
- explosions,
- attacks with chemical or biological weapons,
- flooding,
- storm damage or
- earthquakes.

In these cases, the standard can be used as the basis for other measures arising from the risk evaluation.

The following changes were made compared to DIN CEN/TS 81-76:2011-10:
– Introduction of three operating modes:
d) automatic mode
e) remote mode
f) self-driving mode

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Harmonised standards under the Lift Directive (as of 2021-09)


More information: Three new draft standards

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