Andrea Gorlezza demonstrating ElevatorSense at Wittur stand at Interlift 2023.

Andrea Gorlezza demonstrating ElevatorSense at Wittur stand at Interlift 2023. (Photo: © LIFTjournal)

Digital companion for the installation and maintenance of Wittur doors


Wittur presented at the interlift 2023 “ElevatorSense”, a hardware-software platform designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of Wittur doors.

By Andrea Gorlezza

As very well known in the industry, elevator doors are by far the most exposed elevator component: 70 percent of emergency calls and related costs are due to door malfunctions. For this reason, Wittur has launched ElevatorSense. It is based on the latest sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms, IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

ElevatorSense easily connects to the Wittur ECO+/MIDI+ controller and analyses door operation. Data are sent in encrypted format to Wittur data centers and processed. Field technicians can consult the results via an easy-to-use App, which returns accurate information and step-by-step recommendations for solving any detected issue.

The ElevatorSense App allows access to different digital services:


Installation Control is designed to help field technicians achieve high quality installation of Wittur elevator doors. This digital service is the only one currently on the market to provide accurate feedback on the quality of installation of Wittur doors.

Installation Control performs a check of the door opening and closing cycle at each floor, verifying all the main characteristics of the door installation and, if necessary, provides recommendations on actions to be taken with easy-to-follow instructions in several languages.

Once the Installation Control checks are passed, a certificate of installation quality can be generated. It should give peace of mind to the installation crew and the proof that a good job has been done, which can save many troubles and callbacks later on.

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Through Wireless Programming, technicians can easily adjust any door operating parameters right from their smartphone or tablet with an easy-to-use interface.


ElevatorSense on-board electronics are protected by a stainless steel housing. Photo: © WitturElevatorSense on-board electronics are protected by a stainless steel housing. Photo: © Wittur

After installation, ElevatorSense enters the door monitoring mode. Operational data are sent to the Wittur center in the Cloud for analysis; when an unusual behavior is detected, ElevatorSense sends an alert notification to the assigned technician via the App or via a dedicated web page.

This allows the maintenance technician to keep track of the smooth operation of the system and to schedule maintenance visits only when necessary, avoiding unscheduled service calls.


ElevatorSense Preventive Maintenance offers a specific and dedicated alert service for the maintenance technician based on the lifecycle timing of wear parts; it also facilitates the identification and purchase through full integration with the online shop.


The ElevatorSense hardware and software platform is going to evolve with new services: extension to other types of components besides doors as well as to components by other manufacturers is underway.

The author is Managing Director Wittur Project Business and Field Services EMEA division at Wittur.

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