Dr Peter Hug.

Dr Peter Hug. (Photo: © VDMA)

DAfA elects new chair


The Deutsche Ausschuss für Aufzüge (DAfA – German Committee for Lifts) has elected Dr Peter Hug, managing director of the VDMA Trade Association Lifts and Escalators, as its new chair.

As part of its meeting on 26 October 2023 in Frankfurt, the DAfA unanimously elected Dr Peter Hug, managing director of the Trade Association Lifts and Escalators in the VDMA.

Hug had already taken on the office provisionally from his predecessor Thomas Pfaff in 2022 and instituted a restructuring of the organisation, which is to gain in clout and significance in the lift sector. The 60-year old is an economist and has over 30 years of experience in several structurally-relevant sectors of the mechanical engineering industry.

Stakeholders of the lift sector

The DAfA, mentioned for the first time over 100 years ago, is the only organisation in Germany that brings together all stakeholders of the lift sector to discuss solutions for current challenges. Apart from the manufacturers and operators of lifts, the test organisations, component manufacturers, planners and consultants, relevant public bodies and sector associations are also part of the DAfA.

A so-called subject committee of the DAfA was re-established, which explores new subjects at regular intervals and is intended to promote pre-coordination. The first subject of this subcommittee will be the new TRBS 1115-1 on whose application in the lift sector there are in part different positions.

More information: www.vdma.org/dafa