Daan Smans.

Daan Smans. (Photo: © Cedes)

Daan Smans takes over IoT division at Cedes


Daan Smans has been the new President Business Development IoT & Digital Products at Cedes since November 2023.

Smans knows the lift industry, having worked in different roles at TK Elevator. Most recently, he was Product Director at relayr, where he was responsible for the Skyler Elevate predictive maintenance solution.

Implementation of a new business model

"He played an important part in bringing Cedes and relayr together and developing our joint IoT solution"," says Cedes CEO Patrick Bass.

He studied Industrial Engineering at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. In his new role, Daan Smans will lead the implementation of a new business model in the two business units, Elevator & Escalator and Entrance Automation. A team of data scientists and product managers report to the 36-year-old Dutchman.

More information: cedes.com