Tricia Weener

Tricia Weener (Photo: © Kone)

Changes in the Kone Executive Board


Tricia Weener, BA (Hons), has been appointed Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications, as of January 18, 2021. She will join the Kone Executive Board.

Tricia Weener joins Kone from HSBC, where she has most recently served as Group Head of B2B Marketing. During her 11 years at HSBC, she has held several leadership roles in the fields of brand, marketing and communications mostly in Asia. Prior to HSBC, she ran her own marketing agency serving large multinational customers across numerous industry sectors.

Tricia succeeds Max Alfthan who stepped down from his role as Executive Vice President in March 2020 to focus on non-executive and advisory duties. Current interim EVP of Marketing and Communications, Susanne Skippari will concentrate on her duties as Executive Vice President of Human Resources from January 18, 2021 onwards.

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