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BASE lift kit sets standards


The company B.A.S.E has presented a new system for controlled ventilation and smoke extraction of lift shafts.

B.A.S.E is well-known throughout Germany for its expert, reliable assembly and maintenance of lift smoke extraction and ventilation systems. On its 10th anniversary, B.A.S.E rounded out its range of services and for the first time now provides a system that every lift builder can assemble easily on their own. The BASE lift kit’s leading features are its great flexibility and perfectly coordinated components.

Thanks to the experience from what are now several thousand installed lifts and many years of know-how in the field of heat and smoke extraction systems for lift shafts, it was possible to develop an innovative system that best meets the regulations from lift law and fire protection and feature high flexibility combined with the best value for money. The BASE lift kit naturally possesses all the building law approvals needed.

The first completely self-monitoring system in the lift shaft

The BASE lift kit is based on the tried-and-tested fail-safe principle. Exclusively building law-approved components are used in this system, which can communicate with each other via a control unit. In the event of an alarm or malfunction, the power supply for the drive on the closure element is interrupted.

HandwerkThe closure element then opens by means of a prestressed spring in the drive. After the alarm has been reset or the malfunction eliminated, the power supply for the drive is released and the closure element closes automatically.

The subject was redefined during the development of the BASE lift kit. Conventional systems for smoke extraction and ventilation of lift shafts "only” give the closure element (multi-leaf damper /slat window) a command to open without monitoring whether the element actually also opens. In the BASE lift kit, the control unit gets direct feedback from the drive as soon as the closure element has actually opened completely.

The safest system available on the market

If this notification does not reach the control unit, a malfunction report is generated that can be forwarded to a suitable point (lift control, building management technology). In addition, the malfunction is displayed on the main control console. This technical innovation makes the BASE lift kit what is currently the safest system available on the market for controlled smoke extraction and ventilation of lift shafts.

The subject of ventilation in general assumed special importance in the design of the system. As a result of the increasingly dense building envelopes, ventilation can only be guaranteed by openings to the outside. To guarantee ventilation in line with the Lift Directive and EN 81-20/50, the BASE lift kit makes provision for various options.

Independent assembly or including planning and assembly

HandwerkFor example, the malfunction report from the lift control can generate opening of the closure element as standard (so-called "ventilation in the event of breakdown”). Naturally, the control unit has an integrated temperature sensor, automatic ventilation (interval) and the option to connect additional ventilation components, such as air quality and moisture sensors.

Another highlight of the BASE lift kit is its unique flexibility, created by its centrepiece, the Lift-Tronic FS01 control unit. Depending on the building requirement, you can connect all components for smoke detection and ventilation with RF45 cables (plug-in connections) or optionally with standard commercial electric cables to the control unit. A combination of connection versions is also possible at any time.

You can buy the BASE lift kit as a pure component system ready for assembly and carry out the installation easily and quickly yourself or have the entire service, i.e. the planning, assembly and start-up carried out by us - you choose, we will do what you want.


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