(Photo: © Megadyne)

Acquisition of SATI SpA


Megadyne has announced the acquisition of SATI SpA. Sati SpA is in Valsamoggia Italy located, was founded 1974 and has turned it into the European market leader for open transmission components.

This transaction follows the acquisition of Challenge PT in July 2018. With the combination of Sati, Challenge and the existing manufacturing unit in Poland, Megadyne becomes a leader in offering a complete range of open transmission components to the benefit of its customers.

"By combining both companies, we will further strengthen our group’s position in Europe", says Ralph Schuck, CEO of Ammega. "As part of a larger group, benefiting from greater financial and commercial strengths, this will allow Sati and its employees to further grow and expand internationally", emphasizes Ames Rambaldi (CEO of SATI). BU: Ames Rambaldi (l.), CEO of Sati and Fabio Vitali, M&A Director Ammega.