World Elevator Congress 2019 & WEE 2019 Exhibition Lang Fang

April 2019

World Elevator Congress 2019 – a significant gathering in Beijing
The World Elevator Congress 2019 in China was a two-day event and designed to facilitate an exchange of information and improve cooperation between China Elevator Association (CEA) and European Lift Assosication (ELA).
At the end of the first day saw the signing of an agreement document which marked the start of a major cooperation initiative between ELA and CEA. A grand showing of the documents was called for, so Luca Pezzini, ELA and Zhang Lexiang, CEA duly obliged in front of the stage.

Fotos: © Grey Gale Creative Spark Design Partnership


WEE 2019 Exhibition Lang Fang, China.

The WEE 2019 Exhibition occupied 3 halls of the Lang Fang Exhibition complex. At present the Lift and Escalator exhibitions in China are run on an annual basis and this 2019 event was held in the Beijing area. The Lang Fang International exhibition Centre was the venue and some 50 km from the centre of Beijing