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What is lift security for Giovenzana international?


Following the introduction of the new standard EN 81-20 / EN 81-50, Giovenzana International B.V. has developed – with the support of the most important manufacturers worldwide – systems and solutions to allow the maintenance and inspection of lifts in complete safety.

Manufacturers and maintenance operators of lift systems should be confident that lifts are designed and maintained to transport people, cargo and equipment safely and reliably, in addition to complying with all standards and regulations for the construction, installation and maintenance of lifts.

In fact, Giovenzana International has played a leading role with the latest guidelines and specifications relating to lift installation and maintenance, including the European EN 81-20 / EN 81-50, the North American ASME A17.1-2016 / CSA B44-16, the Russian GOST33984.1-2016 and the Brazilian ABNT NBR NM 201-267.

The growing portfolio of high quality, innovative and competitively positioned lift products from Giovenzana includes new products designed with a focus on safety:

System security is a key element in lifts

Several specific devices are used to maximize safety: these include car top inspection boxes, lighting devices, alarm and emergency controls, limit switches, emergency stop devices, signaling devices, audible devices, shaft lights, pit bottom controls and much more.

• GM261, GM262, GM263.
New car top inspection boxes with compact sizes and ergonomic design.
Produced for easy use, their features include durability, resistance and the high IP 65 protection class. The new self-monitored contact PCW010SS behind the E-stop push button guarantees a risk factor of zero.

Photo: © Giovenzana International B.V.Photo: © Giovenzana International B.V.

• GM033/EU, GM036/EU.
New car top lighting devices.
The GM033/EU is a maintenance station with 5 lux white light, alarm button and socket while the GM036/EU is a maintenance station with led light 50 Lux (@230 VAC) / 5 lux (@12 VACDC) with an earthing contact and selector. These components complete the range of car top devices, adding an emergency light in according to the new safety rules.

• GMS131, GMS167.
New under car signaling and audible devices.
The GMS131 is an inspection station with yellow flashing light (without 5 lux) and continuous buzzer while the GMS167 is a maintenance station with yellow flashing light (without 5 lux) and continuous buzzer and alarm button. The new rules require activation of an audible signal in the car and a flashing light under the car during movement.

• FTN Series and MFI Series.
Limit switches and micro switches.
Our wide range of thermoplastic limit switches and microswitches with faston terminals round off safety in the lift shaft.

• GSLC Series.
New silicone led strip and components.
New lighting solutions for the lift shaft: A complete range of components to assemble your own led strip, available also as pre-wired led strips.


Our products are recognizable worldwide and aim to achieve environmental sustainability and energetic efficiency and are designed to be the most advanced solutions.

Discover our full range of products on our websitegiovenzana.com

More information:Giovenzana has been providing innovative lift electrical components for over 65 years. Today we are recognized as a world leader in control, interface, safety and wiring products and as a preferred supplier to every global lift company.

Giovenzana International B.V. is an active member of various Global Lift Associations:
• ANIE AssoAscensori (Italy)
• ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (Brasil)
• SECIESP - Qualidade e Segurança em Elevadores (Brasil)
• NAEC - National Association of Elevator Contractors (North America)
• FEPYMA - Federación Española de Asociaciones de Pequeña y Mediana Empresa de Ascensoristas (Spain)
• РЛО - Russian Lift Association (Russian Federation)
• CAA - Cámara de Ascensores y Afines (Argentine)

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