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VFA-Interlift: dismissals and new treasurer


The VFA-Interlift e.V. has now dismissed two employees – including its technical consultant Jan König. In addition, the remaining board of directors has appointed a treasurer.

Several weeks ago, four members of the board of directors of the VFA resigned from their offices – including Klaus-Peter Kapp, who had up to then had been responsible for standards and guidelines. At the end of May, he explained the reasons for his resignation in an open letter.

The four remaining directors decided at the meeting on 6 May to dismiss the technical consultant Jan König in the interests of the association's financial consolidation. "To the regret of the departed directors, the alternatives suggested received neither a hearing nor consideration. Consequently - at least from my point of view - the basis for cooperation with the remaining directors no longer exists and is no longer reasonable in the interests of the members."

As a result, the work in the field of standards and guidelines had been considerably disrupted; the flow of information from this field was threatening to dry up, according to Kapp, "The reputation of the association has been lastingly damaged by this decision."

Necessary decisions had been taken

The remaining directors had announced the dismissals in a press release and justified it, "The VFA had to part with Jan König, technical consultant, after nine years of optimal cooperation. Likewise with Anne-Mareike Jung, who had only recently become responsible for the field of marketing and communication. We regret both of these personnel decisions greatly and wish Mr König and Ms Jung all the best personally and for their further professional future."

Necessary decisions had been taken with the changes to ensure that the VFA was also in a good position for the future representation of its members, according to the remaining members of the board of directors, Achim Hütter, Michael Gubisch, Andreas Hönnige and Rudolf Ramseier.

New treasurer appointed

At the same time, the remaining directors had appointed Peter Zeitler, managing director of New Lift Steuerungsbau, as new treasurer. Birgit Zaunegger – who had held the office up to then – had resigned together with Klaus-Peter Kapp, Julia Mailand and Ivette Radetzky from their positions as directors.

Zeitler had been "appointed at the last meeting of the board of directors – after legal consultations – in accordance with the articles of association by the existing board of directors." As a founder member from its earliest days, he had actively helped to guide the VFA-Interlift e.V. for 34 years in the background: "Apart from comprehensive experience in control engineering, he is a man from the SME sector and absolutely familiar with the lift industry."

New election in February 2022

Up until the next annual general meeting with a new election of the entire board of directors in February 2022, the areas of responsibility of the directors who had resigned would be divided up as follows, the press release continued: the office of treasurer would provisionally be assumed by the director Andreas Hönnige. The members’ portfolio would be handled by Rudolf Ramseier and Michael Gubisch would be responsible for press and publicity work.

"Achim Hütter in cooperation with Wolfgang Adldinger and an expert pool of committed members and association partners would take on the field of standards and guidelines."

More information: You can read more about the resignation of the four members of the board of directors and the positions of both parties here: https://www.lift-journal.com/news/four-vfa-directors-resign


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