Simatec ag has developed five different toolbox sets. (Source: Simatec)

Redesigned toolbox


Simatec ag from Wangen an der Aare in Switzerland develops, produces and distributes practical, user-friendly toolbox sets. simatool tools are used worldwide for mechanical assembly and disassembly of roller bearings and radial shaft seals.

The fast, precise and safe handling of the tools is especially appreciated. simatec ag has developed five different toolbox sets to meet the demands of any maintenance technician.

All simatool toolbox sets are supplied in hard shell toolboxes, guaranteeing the protection needed for the high quality tools at all times. simatool boxes are available with immediate effect on the market with a new, modern design. Every toolbox has a fresh, informative image on its front of each tool, a box inset to keep the tools properly arranged at all times as well as user information in the box lid.

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