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Modular construction in the lift sector


A new lift along with shaft – quickly installed: this is possible with a complete solution from one source, the Gen2 lift from Otis combined with the modular lift shaft from Max Bögl.

Due to prefabrication in the factory, construction companies benefit not just from easy and efficient assembly and installation processes, but also from optimal fitting precision and space usage in the building, stresses Otis.

Whether sustainable products, efficient procedures or innovative planning processes: the construction industry is continually demanding new solutions. Modular construction is a response to these increased demands. Otis and Max Bögl have provided a modular lift solution as part of their strategic cooperation: the complete system consists of an Otis Gen2 lift and a modular lift shaft from Max Bögl.

"Our maxim is that lift and shaft have to match each other as well as possible – down to the last inch. This means the space can be exploited as efficiently as possible," said Udo Hoffmann, chairman of the Board of Directors Otis Germany, in explanation of a significant advantage of the modular system: optimum space utilisation. The solution is suited both to existing as well as new buildings and can be installed inside and outside the building.

Constant high manufactured quality

Photo: © Otis GmbH & Co. OHGPhoto: © Otis GmbH & Co. OHG

Only a minimal shaft pit depth or overhead height is needed. Moreover, the complete solution’s assembly, delivery and installation processes are fast and require little coordination effort. Shaft elements and lift components are prefabricated and assembled in the Max Bögl factory.

Thanks to the factory assembly, constant high manufactured quality is guaranteed, stresses Otis. The pre-assembled shaft elements are then delivered directly to the construction site and can be installed there in five to eight hours. The shaft elements are stacked on top of each other using a crane and anchored to each other.

"Apart from made-to-measure assembly and simple installation, customers also benefit from the fact that no storage space is needed for the systems. Construction noise is avoided for the most part and the pre-mounted doors in addition reduce the need to secure the construction site," said Andreas Gruß, managing director of Otis Germany.

Longer service life

Photo: © Firmengruppe Max BöglPhoto: © Firmengruppe Max Bögl

The combination of lift and modular shaft relies on the Otis Gen2 lift technology. The pulse system, for example, ensures maximum lift reliability and safety – a technology that continuously monitors the lift belt. The polyurethane-coated belt, a speciality of Otis, permits low noise emissions and compared to the otherwise usual ropes, has a longer service life.

According to the company, another advantage is that no lubrication is needed. Thanks to the regenerative ReGen drive, the energy consumption is up to 75 percent lower under normal conditions than in conventional lifts that have no energy recovery.

Innovative complete system

Photo: © Firmengruppe Max BöglPhoto: © Firmengruppe Max Bögl

Sustainability also plays a role in the construction of the finished shaft, since Bögl uses environmental concrete. This is characterised by the use of shorter transport routes, regional materials and a reduced proportion of cement in the concrete.

Consequently, the building material has on average a 39 percent lower CO2 footprint (kilogram CO2/m3 concrete) than conventional concrete. Otis and Max Bögl will provid an innovative complete system for many kinds of buildings and construction projects with their modular lift solution.

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