Petra Leonhardt and Kai Besemer, managing directors of Hauer – the elevatorshop. (Source: Hauer)

Hauer now has dual leadership


Now it’s official: Petra Leonhardt as managing director is part of the new dual leadership of Hauer – the elevatorshop. She now bears - together with the managing director Kai Besemer - the overall responsibility for the employees and success of Hauer.

Leonhardt has been a member in the Hauer team for more than six years and responsible for more than three years as authorised signatory in the areas of finances, marketing and personnel. Hauer – the elevatorshop has been on a growth course for years and has oriented itself to continue this success story with its expansion of the business management. "We are convinced that we have the perfect people in Kai Besemer and Petra Leonhardt to lead Hauer to a successful future,” the two partners Peter and Rainer Hauer are convinced.

Redefine Hauer’s objectives

Managing director Kai Besemer welcomed the appointment of his colleague as managing director, especially with regard to Hauer’s future development. "We have a lot of plans for the future and have created the ideal conditions for them with this constellation,” emphasised both managing directors. That this occurred precisely in the anniversary years was more of a coincidence, according to them.

"Over 20 years of continuous growth also require structural adjustments from time to time.” The management also took advantage of the 2016 anniversary year to reorganise and redefine Hauer’s objectives. The agenda includes opening up new markets, among other things, and a wider product range that is even better tailored to customer needs.

Strong customer orientation and a high degree of service with the elements catalogue, Elevatorshop and app and spare parts detective will be retained as the success model. "In this way we will continue to guarantee the top quality that Hauer has been providing its customers with for what is now 20 years.” This is a solid foundation on which to build in the following 20 years.

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