Installation of a lift with Fineline doors in a school in the centre of Budapest, Hungary. (Source: Wittur)

Freedom of choice


Not all elevators are born equal; using the right components for each modernization project can save you an incredible amount of time and money.

Elevator professionals know this feeling: you have an elevator modernization project at hand, you get into the shaft and measure everything, you check the status of existing components and make a list of what should be updated. Then you come back to the office and start thinking about the best tools available to avoid extra on-site works that are always a hassle.

Multiple choices

And the fact is, there is an incredible diversity of elevator installations out there, and in many cases the new door that was installed in a breeze in the last project just can’t fit in the new project at hand, or it is not available in the peculiar finish of the building, or maybe the building owners really would like to have panoramic doors instead.

It seems that you can’t have it all with just one door. This is why Wittur Group provides you with multiple choices as far as modernization is concerned. Together they provide you with every feature you might like to use, and then some.

Thin sill, large car

Handwerk115 millimeters: this is all it takes to install a 4-panel automatic car door and an automatic landing door instead of the existing manual swing doors. By reducing the sill thickness to the limit, Fineline avoids bothersome car adaptation work. But, if your modernization project extends to a new car, Fineline makes sure that you can use the largest cabin dimensions in the existing shaft. The 4-panel door is available in symmetric and asymmetric execution, and allows a very large door clear opening compared to shaft width.

The 2-panel central opening execution reduces sill thickness further to a tiny 85 mm. If shaft width is not a concern and your target is to really have the largest possible cabin, this would be the way to go.

Two-steps installation

Sometimes building owners are not willing to pay for a full modernization of their elevator at the same time. The extremely reduced sill makes it possible to perform a two-steps installation: a new automatic door can be installed in the car and connected to existing swing landing doors first; later on, automatic landing doors can be added to achieve a fully automated package and obtain a truly accessible elevator, compliant with all requirements for people with reduced mobility according to European lift directive EN 81-20/50, EN 81-21, EN 81-80 (SNEL), EN 81-70.

Here safety and comfort increase for passengers add up to the increase in the value of the building when modernizing an elevator. For added travel comfort and safety, door panels can be supplied with vision windows. In any case, a variety of finishes and cladding make sure that the new door can fit with the interior design or maybe stand out as a bold statement of style.

Dust-free modernization

HandwerkFineline landing doors can be installed in multiple ways to adapt to every possible initial situation. The aim here is to avoid any unnecessary civil works, as nobody likes dust in their homes. It is possible to install it on the existing swing door frame or even install a frameless door with a provided template for fixing position.

Or you can get the door complete with frames in different dimensions, and add fire-rated execution for added safety: EN 81-58 in E90 and EW60. In any case, all executions are equipped with door lock according to EN 81 20/50.

Carlo Ferrari, Corporate Marketing Communication, Tommaso Sala, Communications manager at Wittur Group

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