The homepage of the Meiller lift doors Factbook. (Source: Mailler)

Factbook – strictly public


The US secret service CIA has been publishing "The World Factbook” since the 1960s. It contains statistical data on every country in the world, which was kept strictly secret and only intended for members of the government. By contrast, the new Meiller Factbook is not secret at all, but rather accessible at all times to anyone on the company’s homepage.

It not only includes a tremendous amount of data, but also the most important technical information about Meiller lift doors in a clear and succinct form.

Lift doors can be configured precisely

Meiller’s CAD programme has been widely distributed in technical departments and planning offices in the industry for many years. With its help a lift door can be configured as precisely as it needs to be for the particular project. The software converts the configuration data into a corresponding drawing, which can be adopted at the push of a button in the internal CAD system, inserted into the plan of the complete lift and then undergoes further processing as a drawing.

However, various parties have in addition expressed the wish for a product overview of the Meiller lift doors, mapping the most important details and information in compressed form. The Munich-based company has now taken this into account by publishing a fact book and placing it online on its homepage.

Selection of various door designs

You reach a selection of various door designs via the start page on the home page:
• Intense – doors in sturdy standard design for passengers and cargo lifts
• Vision - high quality glass doors for passenger lifts
• Rail – doors with increased crash safety for lifts in public areas
• Heavy Duty – doors for extreme loads in trade and industry
• Cat2 – vandal-proof lift doors according to EN 81-71
• Speed – high performance doors for passenger lifts with high conveyance performance
• Scooter Guard – doors with high crash safety, e.g. for lifts entered by electro mobiles
• Hinged doors

Upon clicking the particular door version, a submenu opens, permitting the display of additional detailed information.

Quality features: the leading product characteristics that matter and distinguish the lift doors are described in key points. The features can also be downloaded as PDF.

Dimension range: a tabular overview shows at a glance in what standard clearance dimensions (minimum/maximum) the individual door types are available.

Technical dimension sheets: the individual door types are presented in various views (front view, side view, horizontal section, vertical section, shaft clearance plan). Picking out all standard dimensions and measurements from the clear drawings is quick and uncomplicated.

Thus if you are faced with the question whether particular doors fit in your shaft, you can find the answer at a glance with the assistance of the dimension sheets in the Meiller Factbook. All PDFs can be saved on your own computer, laptop or tablet, printed out or forwarded by e-mail. You can consult the Meiller CAD programme for additional, more precise planning in detail.

The Meiller Factbook and Meiller CAD are available at:

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