Ana Efata.

Ana Efata. (Photo: © privat)

Ana Efata leads ELA committee on safety, education and training


Ana Efata is the new chairwoman of ELA Safety, Education & Training Committee and successor of Andreas Hönnige.

With over 15 years of experience, Ana Efata has an extensive background in the field of Occupational Safety & Health. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and completed a master’s degree in economics management.

Starting in a supply chain role with an elevator and escalator manufacturer in Shanghai, Ana was then recruited to join Corporate Safety based in Paris, France and in the last decade with different roles, she has been responsible for EHS at global level, managing group initiatives and projects.

The mission of the ELA Safety, Education & Training Committee is to provide appropriate support to the improvement of Safety, Education, & Training and consideration of environmental issues for users & workers with respect to lifts, escalators, and moving walks, throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Focusing on the ELA agenda

As a Safety, Education & Training Committee Chairwoman, she is responsible for leading the committee and focusing it on the ELA agenda.

New technologies require the production of proper documentation to be used for education and training, as well as appropriate link with educational institutions for the training of, and upgrade of, technicians at various levels and in various functions in the lift sector.

"I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the ELA mission and I am very much excited with the challenges ahead", says Ana Efata. 

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