The PCW010SS self-monitoring contact block

The PCW010SS self-monitoring contact block (Photo: © Giovenzana International)

PCW010SS: self-monitored contact NO-NC-NO



Giovenzana offers a wide range of automation products to help its partners in solving technical or safety problems.

Giovenzana is a worldwide company focusing on the areas of automation, lift technology, handling systems and ATEX. In safety solutions the company plays a pioneering role mostly through its strong global presence in the field of lift technology.  For more than 65 years, the name Giovenzana has been synonymous for safety. Today, Giovenzana is having production and manufacturing units, sales offices, warehouses, R&D department and also branches all around the world. 

As safety becomes more prevalent in both facility and equipment design, Giovenzana continues to develop products and systems complying with the major international standards. All of its products are high quality and in compliance with the best certifications. The goal is operators’ safety during maintenance and the best way to guarantee this is the daily work devoted to developing and improving of our R&D department.

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Additional safety in emergency stop applications

Giovenzana engineers are continually innovating a wide range of products that increase safety, reliability and productivity for our customers. A new product is developed in accordance with CEI EN 60204-1, a new technology in the field of industrial and lift automation. The product is designed to maximize the performance of the NC mushroom e-stop contact which results in a risk factor of zero. PCW010SS are open-type contact blocks, normally-closed (NC), spring terminals, with contacts intended and suitable for use with push buttons. A specific adapter mechanically connects the button to the contact block actuator.

The PCW010SS self-monitoring contact block offers additional safety in emergency stop applications. This device contains an additional normally open contact that uses a unique actuator to monitor whether the contact block is still attached to the operator.
In the event of the contact block becoming detached from the emergency stop button, the self-monitoring contact block opens the circuit and stops the system - providing an extra safety measure. The NC contact will open in the event of accidental release of the contact block from the base. In the unlikely event of one of the supports breaking, the contact is designed to act and open the circuit which will block any further operation of the machine. This is an important step in accident prevention and emergency device intervention.


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