EsCare repair – the repair occurs right on the spot and with the step or moving walk pallet in place. (Source: Weber Tec, Hamburg)

Fast escalator step repair on the spot


The lift and escalator industry’s favourite place to present innovations and trends is at the interlift in Augsburg. Weber Tec from Hamburg made its way there again to present tried-and-tested as well as new repair options for escalators and moving walks to the industry, ones which can not only be done more cheaply, but also more quickly and right on the spot.

Escalators are high performance transport solutions for very busy areas with a high volume of visitors. Depending on their location, they are often subject to heavy loading and frequently exposed to outside weather. In Munich’s underground system alone over 800 escalators ensure that passengers get from one level to another conveniently and without any detours.

These escalators’ high availability and reliability make a decisive contribution to the acceptance of the transport method selected. While accidents on escalators are rare, they do hold certain dangers. Third party factors in particular may damage the steps. What counts here in the event of malfunctions is fast repair by reliable service providers.

New repair procedure for damaged ribs

At the trade fair stand in Hall 4, Stand 4080 the focus was on repairing escalator steps and moving walk pallets. Rapidity, economy and reliability – this is the basis of Weber Tec’s cross-manufacturer repair service for all common escalators indoors and out.

The company’s trade fair highlight was a new repair method for ribs. This procedure is called EsCare, which has already proven its value at many important escalators in very busy locations in railway stations, airports, shopping centres and suburban mass transit stations. Thanks to the incline adjustment of the machine and low weight, the mobile repair system is also suitable for transport on escalators and moving walks.

Repair while steps are in place

HandwerkDuring the repair the ribs to be repaired are sand-blasted with the dirt separated and oil and grease particles recovered almost without any residue: no dirt remains in or on the step.

Restoration of the ribs is achieved with a specially developed and tested filling material, with which the damaged rib can be restored to its original condition following handling. The special feature of this repair method is that the repair with EsCare can occur right on the spot and while the steps or moving walk pallets are in place.

The advantages that this procedure involve can be counted on the fingers of one hand:
• no costs for removal and later re-installation,
• no freight costs,
• standstill time slashed,
• no internal company transports,
• immediate start-up of the installation after repair.
• The standstill time of an installation with approximately 75 steps – depending on the repair involved - is on average one to a maximum of two days.

High operational readiness

As a result, irksome transports and unnecessary standstill times are things of the past. Repairing escalator steps and moving walk pallets outdoors depends on the temperature (at least 15° C). The repair procedure corresponds to EN 115-1 for new escalators and moving walks (pallet or belt designs) and - like all Weber Tec repair methods – has been tested in independent testing procedures. The service company was assured in this respect that the repaired ribs held no special hazard potential compared to the original ribs.

The filling material was certified to possess outstanding adhesive qualities and impact resistance as well as being flame-proof, which guarantees long-lasting smooth operation of the escalator. In addition, it possesses a high degree of shock, shearing and peeling resistance. The noise emissions of the machine during repair can be compared with those of a vacuum cleaner at the distance of a metre.

The exhibitor was happy about intensive specialist discussions on the many and varied repair options, brand-new developments, customised solutions and training courses. After all, hardly any other automated transport system can transport people faster from A to B than an escalator - provided it is not at a standstill.

Susanne Ruhrländer

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