The GMS174 emergency-call system by Giovenzana International B.V.

The GMS174 emergency-call system by Giovenzana International B.V. (Photo: © Giovenzana)

Emergency call system for elevator pit



The new GMS174 emergency-call system by Giovenzana International B.V.

Giovenzana GMS174 emergency-call system is a device used in the elevator pit to connect the maintenance-ready operator with other receiver devices combining active and passive speaker units. The emergency-call device aimed at the safety of operators during maintenance in the lift shaft. It is an alarm communication device for elevators with built-in intercom function. It manages emergency calls activated by pressing the alarm button, ensuring bi-directional communication between aid applicants and rescue service. Potentially, under specific request, it could communicate with digital telephone exchanges, analogical devices and equipment connected to the GSM network.

A compact and versatile emergency-call system

Emergency-call system GMS174 by Giovenzana International B.V. Photo: © GiovenzanaEmergency-call system GMS174 by Giovenzana International B.V. Photo: © Giovenzana

The idea was developed for the request of one of our Russian customers who needed to connect two operators inside the lift shaft without the help of third parties (telephones or other). The solution is a compact and versatile emergency-call system with an internal intercom which allows, when there are two or more operators working on the same lift, to: signal multiple presences, ask to execute specific commands, speed up smart instructions, etc.

Excellent audio quality

The GMS174 allows two-way communication with excellent audio quality and low consumptions. This device ensures the utmost installation flexibility increasing both performances and reliability. The addition of multiple cable outputs makes the installation quick and easy. The advantage of this device is that it is wired so that communication continues even in environments where there is no or insufficient radio signal. It is therefore a wired communication that takes full advantage directly of the power of the elevator. This communication function is in addition to the normal ones required by an emergency push button panel, such as the stop mushroom and the electrical socket. The latter is necessary when working with equipment that requires power in places that are difficult to reach. Specifically designed and manufactured to provide communications to help create a safer work environment, which increases productivity and lowers the risk of liability.


Control panel switches by Giovenzana International B.V. Giovenzana International B.V, for years linked to the elevator sector, uses daily its experience putting it at the service of the safety of the final users of its components. We offer components for car roof, pit bottom, under car, elevator shaft and also a wide range to be inserted in the control panel of any elevator system.

Giovenzana International B.V. Photo: © GiovenzanaGiovenzana International B.V. Photo: © GiovenzanaIn the last years we have paid attention to the guidelines of the major international standards that have shaped the market in a very definite way. Speaking at European level, the EN 81-20 / EN 81-50 standard sets the safety requirements for maintenance and installation of the right certified devices. If we talk about control panel, we talk about our push button panel, our bypass devices with din rail fixing (available on measure with wiring diagrams on request), our contact elements. Just of this range, it is important to linger on the last born: the PCW010SS, self-monitored contact that increases safety by guaranteeing a zero risk.

Our product range is very wide and satisfies daily the requests of our customers, whose relationship with our company is always structured for the customization of the products, always tailored to the different needs, and for the continuous support distributed on the global territory thanks to a dense sales network.

We are available to build together the best solution for your need!

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