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Effective management of elevator systems from a single source



The operation of an elevator system requires different requirements. EBM-Fördertechnik is happy to take on these tasks for the operator.

An operator of an elevator system has various duties. Whether it is the maintenance, servicing or testing of the respective elevator systems - each is based on standard requirements, guidelines and other legislation. Neglecting any of these duties increases the risk of accidents and may expose users to danger. Such negligence can be expensive for the operator, as he is liable.

EBM-Fördertechnik is happy to take these tasks off your hands. We take care of maintenance and expert inspections for you. We make sure that the recorded defects are rectified on time. Among other things, we offer to carry out a risk assessment and a manufacturer-independent evaluation of the GBU risks. We will provide you with a concept for the long-term and sustainable elimination of existing hazards.

We create transparency!

If a hazard has been identified in your company, extensive modernization offers are often made prematurely, which are not always technically necessary. This is precisely where our concept comes in, which we develop with you in the course of the risk assessments. If modernization or replacement of the system is necessary, we support you in the tendering process to find the most suitable offer for your needs. We take care of the tendering, awarding, construction management, acceptance and invoicing for you. 

Our aim is to create transparency between the client and EBM-Fördertechnik. For us, this is an essential building block for a trusting and successful collaboration.

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We provide you with an overview!

Do you have the problem that you know the number of elevators in your portfolio, but don't know what technical condition they are in? We can help you here and carry out a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio. The analysis will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your portfolio and the technical condition of your installations. In addition, we support you in your budget planning with reliable estimated costs for necessary measures. Based on these results, you can derive a long-term and sustainable plan for the maintenance and modernization of your elevator systems. Here, too, you retain the upper hand when it comes to handling your systems!

Don't hesitate any longer and let's talk about your elevator systems and the associated savings potential. Where you can save money, resources & time. A nice side effect will certainly be the improved availability of your installation.


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Who or what is EBMPhoto: © EBMPhoto: © EBM EBM celebrated its 75th anniversary. From a pure consulting company in the field of energy management, it has developed into a broad-based engineering office with over 70 employees. Over the years, EBM has not only successfully expanded its customer base, but also its range of services: In addition to traditional services such as architecture, facility management and technical building services, the company has also been active in the field of conveyor technology for several decades - which is rather atypical for an engineering firm. Customers throughout Germany now rely on the expertise of EBM-Fördertechnik.